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As you may already know, fast access to treatment soon after an injury can prevent an acute condition from becoming chronic. We therefore offer immediate appointments within 24 to 48 hours, if not sooner.

Appointment times are Monday to Thursday 9am to 7pm, Friday 9am to 12am.

Home visits

At the Wembley Physiotherapy Service we understand that some patients may find it difficult to attend a clinic appointment for various reasons. We are happy to arrange home visits in our catchment area, to ensure that you can access the treatment you need and get the care you deserve.

Remote Consultations

There are times when it is not always possible to have a face to face consultation, such as during a Pandemic or for other health reasons. During a Pandemic Government guidelines will have to be followed regarding the provision of either remote or face to face appointments. A remote assessment of your condition will have to be made first, either by phone or online. This will help to determine whether a face to face appointment will be needed. Any face to face appointment will then be carried out with all necessary safety measures in place.

Remote consultations are also generally a convenient option to have , so that you can access your treatment from any location. Remote consultations are remarkably effective. Remote sessions will not be recorded, but normal record keeping, as is usual for any regular consultation, will be continued.

How long is the consultation?

To produce lasting treatment results an unhurried approach is needed. Expect the first appointment to last 50 minutes, to allow sufficient time for a thorough assessment of your injury, for proposing a treatment plan and for starting treatment if possible.

Any follow up appointment is 30 minutes for a clinic visit and 45 minutes for a home visit.

Remote sessions follow the same time schedule as face to face appointments.

What happens at a follow up appointment?

At each session we will evaluate your progress together with you, so that your further treatment will keep up with your improvements . We may upgrade or change a treatment as necessary to obtain the best treatment result. Your active input and feedback during your recovery is therefore most valuable.

What about the fees?

You will be pleased to find that we are able to offer very competitive fees for self paying patients as well as for Insurance claims. Discounts are available for our older patients and students. Call for more information without obligation.

Home visits are charged at the same rate as clinic visits with travel time added.

Remote sessions are charged the same as regular appointments, because the same time and professional expertise is applied as for a regular session.

How is the fee settled?

If you are self paying, then you simply pay after each treatment. Receipts will be provided on request. This makes it easy and convenient for you to track payments.

We accept cheque or Bank transfers as payment mode.

If you are settling via an Insurance or Intermediary Company we can often invoice them directly, so that you can concentrate on getting better, rather than worry about costs incurred. The Wembley Physiotherapy Service is recognized by most major Insurance Companies.

If settling via Insurance, please have the Company name, your policy details and your payment authorisation code to hand when you ring us to book an appointment. This will ensure that you can start treatment as soon as possible.

In some cases direct settlement with your Insurance may not be possible, but you can still proceed with your treatment. Just settle the fee yourself and then claim it back with our receipt provided.

Payment modes for Insurance Companies include cheque or BACS payment.

To book an appointment or to speak with the physiotherapist, call now on: 0208 900 1554 or email:

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