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The Wembley Physiotherapy Service provides an extensive range of treatment options.

During your assessment at your first appointment we will suggest the most appropriate form of treatment for your injury or condition. You will of course be included in this process, as we want you to be completely comfortable about any chosen option. The procedure and effect of the chosen modality will be explained to you before administering it, so that you can make informed choices about any stage of your treatment.

Our following various modalities can be used as a sole form of treatment or in combination with other modalities.

  • Hands on treatment with manual techniques, such as mobilisations, manipulations and massage.
  • Stretching of tight muscles and stiff joints.
  • Muscle strengthening exercises for weak or imbalanced muscles
  • Posture education for posture induced pain at home or at your work place
  • Taping to support muscles or joints for immediate pain relief
  • Manual or mechanical traction
  • Acupuncture for pain relief (www.aacp.org.uk)
  • Electrotherapy to facilitate healing and for pain relief , such as Ultrasound, Interferential and TENS
  • Cryotherapy (ice packs) to reduce inflammation , swelling and pain

Additional Services

  • Free telephone support between or after or instead of treatments for any questions you may have.
  • X-rays and scans: These may sometimes be needed in addition to your treatment for further investigation of your condition. We can arrange this with your GP or Consultant.
  • Reports are provided for referring Insurance companies or Intermediary companies.
  • Orthopaedic supports, such as patella straps, ankle braces etc. can be provided or recommended if needed.

It's good to talk

At the Wembley Physiotherapy Service we welcome and appreciate our patient's active involvement in the process of getting better. So tell us if you don't like needles for Acupuncture, if you are worried about receiving Electrotherapy or if you just can't face the thought of having an ice pack applied. We can find an alternative to any modality and still get the desired result.

Here is what Janet had to say: I completed my sponsored walk thanks to my Physio

I had this really bad leg pain recently, after a fall in my kitchen. The pain was making me limp. I had seen my GP not long before then for a back pain, and he told me that I probably had some wear and tear in my spine. This worried me now, as I thought, what if I have worn and torn something in my leg? The pain sure was bad enough to warrant such a thought. I wanted to have this seen to as quickly as possible, as I was due to go on a sponsored walk. A friend recommended the Wembley Physiotherapy Service, where she had been for treatment a few weeks earlier. As they were close to where I live, I made an appointment. I'm so glad I did, because the Physiotherapist sorted out my leg pain in no time and also explained to me that" wear and tear" in the spine is not as scary as it sounds. It just means that my spine has aged and the amount of pain does not necessarily mean an equal amount of wear to go with it. I was much reassured to learn, that nothing is actually "torn" in my back after all.

Needless to say, I was comfortably able to complete my sponsored walk, which was most rewarding, both for the Physio and for me.

This is Sam's story: My Physio restored my foot against the odds

I stubbed my toe on a metal door 4 months ago. It became swollen and very painful to walk on. My foot became discoloured purple after a while. I sought medical advice and was told, it was gout and that it might not get better. The gout tablets didn't make a difference though. I thought, I have nothing to loose by having another opinion on it. The foot was still quite swollen, purple and painful to walk on. So I saw this Physio at the Wembley Physiotherapy Service. She first asked my doctor to let me have an x-ray on the foot, to make sure nothing was broken. Luckily there was no fracture. The Physio then started my treatment. Much to my delight the foot felt and looked better after the first session already. I had a short course of 5 sessions. After that my foot looked back to normal, with no swelling , with normal colour and was pain free. Definitely a massive turnaround from "it might not get better", despite starting treatment 4 months after the injury. This is the Physio Practice for me from now on!

We take great pride in these testimonials, of which we have many more, as we always try our very best to take care of all our patients to the highest level possible.

To book an appointment or to speak with the physiotherapist, call now on: 0208 900 1554 or email:

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